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The Doctor Penn Program

for Weight Control & Management

About Us
Q:  How much does the orientation cost?
A:  The first visit is $75, and we only accept CASH

Q:  What is included in the orientation cost?
A:  Orientation includes:  the video orientation, Dr. Penn's book, and a week of medication.

Q:  How much is the program after orientation?
A:  After your first visit, the Dr. Penn Program is $25 per week and includes the medication.

Q:  I am going out of town, can I pay in advance for the weeks I'll be missing?
A:  Yes, after returning from orientation you may pay for the amount of visits you would like up to 4 visits.

Q: I take medicine, can I still join the program?
A: It depends on the medication.  When you call to make your appointment you will be asked if you have any medical conditions or if you take any medications.

Q:  I have already taken orientation, do I need to make an appointment?
A:  After orientation, you no longer need an appointment and may return any time during our operating hours.